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Thursday, March 31

9:00am GMT+08

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Paper Presentation 5/1: 378 Digital Storytelling To Enhance LearningLIMITED MR 327KONG KUM CHEONG • ELAINE JEE • SHAMINI GOPAL KRISHNASAMY • RENA TAN Paper Presentation 5/2: 156 Digital Citizenship In The 21st Century – From Engagement To Advocacy. School of Science and Technology, Singapore students’ perspectivesLIMITED MR 328NUR JOHARI BIN SALLEH • LOH KWAI YIN Paper Presentation 5/3: 583 Reframing Reasoning And Communication Opportunities In An ICT-Enriched Mathematics ClassroomLIMITED MR 329YIP JEE CHENG JESSIE • LYNNE ONG • SITI ZUBAIDAH SAMSUDIN • PAULINE TIONG Paper Presentation 5/4: 086 Making Learning Statistics Applicable In Real World Context For Secondary One Normal Technical (NT) Students – Deepening Mathematics Learning With Mobile Technologies – A Case St...LIMITED MR 330NUR LIYANA BINTE AMRUN • NEO CHAI MENG • NELSON CHONG NAI SHUN Paper Presentation 5/5: 333 A Practice-Based Approach To Assessment Design In Student-Generated Video ProjectsLIMITED MR 333MADELINE CHEN Paper Presentation 5/6: 474 Use Of Google Drive For The Support Of Patchwork Assessment In Lower Secondary ScienceLIMITED MR 334LIANG JIACHEN ADRIAN • SHAFIQAH HADAM • BEENA RAI Paper Presentation 5/7: 499 10T’ Pedagogy; An Insight On Assessment For Learning And Providing Constructive Feedback In A Web Based EnvironmentLIMITED MR 335SIVAKAMI RATHA • THANDAVAMURTHY VASANTHAVELAN Paper Presentation 5/8: 401 Improving Students’ Writing Through An Experiential Learning Package Which Incorporates Self, Peer And Technology-Enhanced FeedbackLIMITED MR 336HOE SHU CHEN • MATTHEW ONG YONG CHENG • FERNANDEZ IAN JOHN • NORIMAH KAMARI • ANGELA LIM • LUCY ANDREATTE LOH • NORMAN SELVARAJU • JENINE SOH Meet the Practitioners 4: Science Inquiry through Visualisation and ModellingLIMITED MR 332 Panel Discussion 2: Smart Nation - Impact and Implications on EducationLIMITED Hall 406DRajesh Krishna Balan • Lesly Goh • Chan Lee Mun • Vance Ng Spotlight 4: Devorah Heitner Main Hall (404AX#,405BX - 406CX)Devorah Heitner

11:00am GMT+08

11:30am GMT+08

Paper Presentation 6/1: 207 Game Creation As A Game Changer - Getting Our Students To Think Deeper And WiderLIMITED MR 327Mr. Roslee bin Jalie Paper Presentation 6/2: 244 Leading Innovation And Excellence @ NSPS: Enhanced Professional Development Of ICT MentorsLIMITED MR 328JACKSON KEK • GOH POH KHIM • SHARIFAH MARIAM Paper Presentation 6/3: 322 Dot’s English Expedition: English Language Grammar and Vocabulary GameLIMITED MR 329SHEN ZHI XI ANNA • KWANG WAN YI Paper Presentation 6/4: 481 Enabling Deeper Learning: Developing Adaptive, Self-Correcting Learning Environments With Google Forms & SitesFULL MR 330DAVID BROWN Paper Presentation 6/5: 507 Empowering Teachers And Engaging Students Through Game-Based Learning PlatformLIMITED MR 333LAU HUI CHENG • NG TZE FENG • BRIAN TAN SI HAO • TAN POO HONG • LAM CHEN PENG Paper Presentation 6/6: 553 Optimizing Mother Tongue Language Learning Using The Web-Based iMTL Interactive PortalLIMITED MR 334LOH CHIOW CHIEN • CHUA POH LAM • MA SHAOWEN Paper Presentation 6/7: 536 Creating 21st Century Learning Experiences For 21st CenturyLIMITED MR 335RICHARD KOH PEE CHOU • LEE BOON KENG Paper Presentation 6/8: 537 Collaborative Science Inquiry For Visible Teaching And Learning Of Chemistry ConceptsLIMITED MR 336ELEANOR GOH • POH MENG LENG HOD ICT Track with Mark PegrumLIMITED Hall 406DMark Pegrum Meet the Practitioners 5: Exploring ICT in Problem Based Learning for Chinese LanguageLIMITED MR 332 Model Lesson 7: 323 Enhancing Learning Journeys with Location-Based Mobile Interactive Heritage Trails (iHTs) to Little IndiaLIMITED MR 308PNG BEE HIN • ER LI LI • MAHENDRAN RUDRARANI Model Lesson 8: 519 Kahoot! An Engaging Approach to Flip the ClassLIMITED MR 309WINDRAN NEO LAY TENG • MODISSA MOK YIK TUNG Closed Door Session for School Leaders with Michael FullanLIMITED MR 331Michael Fullan

12:00pm GMT+08

12:30pm GMT+08

1:00pm GMT+08

2:00pm GMT+08

Paper Presentation 7/1: 326 Integrating Learning Technologies In School; A School-Wide Approach To Flipped ClassroomLIMITED MR 310KOH MUI LEE EVELYN • CELINE NG • CHEW ANSHENG VICTOR Paper Presentation 7/2: 604 Blended Flipped Classroom: Integrating ICT And Didactic Approaches To Build Independent Learners In ScienceLIMITED MR 327KONG WAI FUN JACKLYN • TAY HUI MIN • VANESSA MUHUNDAN Paper Presentation 7/3: 412 Use Of Pedagogy-Driven Technology In Language And ScienceLIMITED MR 328TAN KOK BOON • YEO AIK SER • ZANE LIM KIM YEN • TEO QIN YI Paper Presentation 7/4: 468 Use Of Visualisation Analytics Data To Redesign And Enhance Students’ Learning ExperiencesLIMITED MR 329MOK BOON FOONG • CHEN WEIGUO JEREMY • POH MENG LENG • BERNARD SIT • FOO SEAU YOON Paper Presentation 7/5: 624 Assessment For Learning In English Process Writing With Automated Marking Tool (AMT)LIMITED MR 330ELAINE JEE • NOORHIRDAWATI BUANG • CHIN SAU LAI • DAPHNE CHAN PEI SZE • GENEVIEVE TOH Paper Presentation 7/6: 363 Professional Development And Culture Building Of Staff In Use Of TechnologyLIMITED MR 333LAU CHEE KEEN • Mr. David Loh Jee Yong Paper Presentation 7/7: 512 A Holistic Approach To Cyber Wellness Education At Pre-University LevelLIMITED MR 334RENDY LIWANG • JASPER GOH HAN MING • WONG MIN YIN Paper Presentation 7/8: 561 ICT-Enhanced Active Collaborative Learning Of Entrepreneurship Using Computer Simulation Game And Online ToolLIMITED MR 335YAP TAT KWONG Paper Presentation 7/9: 487 Redesigning Problem-Based Learning To Develop Students’ Comprehension Ability And Critical Thinking In The Learning Of Chinese Language MR 336NG BENG KEONG • NG PIN LENG • CARMEN MOK • JIAN SHEN Ed-Tech Sparkplug: Learning Analytic Pte Ltd Hall 403 Meet the Practitioners 6: Exploring ICT in Learning from Assessment (AfL) in Primary MathematicsLIMITED MR 332 Model Lesson 10: 513 The Use of Animation in Teaching Literary Elements in the English Language and Literature ClassroomLIMITED MR 309LUISA TENG Model Lesson 9: 544 Using Paper Clickers and QR Codes (PliCkers) to Close Learning GapsFILLING MR 308LEE ZHONG HAO ALWYN • AUDREA CHEANG • AMUTHA ELANGOVAN • MICHELE FUNG Spotlight 5: Jamie Neuwirth Main Hall (404AX#,405BX - 406CX)Jamie Neuwirth Spotlight 6: Victor Lim Hall 406DVictor Lim

3:00pm GMT+08

Afternoon Tea Break Hall 403 Paper Presentation 8/1: 446 Read & Share @ “MyBookShop”LIMITED MR 327WU LI HUA • LIU JIN • LEE CHIA LIN • WANG YUN TING Paper Presentation 8/2: 572 Using Design Principles To Design, Implement And Evaluate ICT-Enabled Pedagogical PracticesLIMITED MR 328Cindy Ong • Tan Xiao Ting • CHIA PEI XIAN • FOO SEAU YOON Paper Presentation 8/3: 406 Designing Digital Resources for Teaching and Learning of the HumanitiesLIMITED MR 329KHOO KIM LIN CLARA-ANN • SUNG KOK SIONG KENNETH • KOH WEI NING • LEE THUAN SIM Paper Presentation 8/4: 607 The Extent To Which Google Application Can Facilitate AfL In Oral PracticeLIMITED MR 330ELAINE JEE • LEOW DENG LI • SEE WEI LIANG • MAUREEN THANG • ZHANG WEI Paper Presentation 8/5: 616 ICT Infused Reading Programme In A Collaborative SettingLIMITED MR 333SALINA BINTE ISMAIL • NUR FAREESHA MAZLAN • MEENATCHI D/O RAMASAMY • JAYAMANI VISWALINGAM • CHEN SI YUN Paper Presentation 8/6: 630 Analytics For Differentiated Teaching And LearningFULL MR 334HO KOK SOON • FINELLA TAN • PHUA KIA WANG Paper Presentation 8/7: 579 WiReadLIMITED MR 335MUNEIRA DAUD • TAY SIU HUA • Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan • YEO ZHONG WEI Paper Presentation 8/8: 632 Why Robots Will Still Need Us…LIMITED MR 336Suan Yeo Ed-Tech Sparkplug: Latize Hall 403 Model Lesson 11: 325 Integrating ICT for the Teaching and Learning of Comprehension (Malay)LIMITED MR 308SURYANI BTE ATAN • NOOR HAIROZAN • RIDZWAN BIN JAMIL • ZUBAIDAH MAHAMOOD • NURHIDAYAH BINTE MOHD SALLEH Model Lesson 12: 631 Developing 21st Century Competencies In Students Through Hands-On Learning And Play MR 309LEMVIGH FOG Panel Discussion 3: Developing Students into Responsible Digital CitizensLIMITED Hall 406DOng Kong Hong • Devorah Heitner • Nicholas Lim • Aaron Maniam

3:30pm GMT+08

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5:00pm GMT+08


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